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    Affirmation, from unremitting efforts and pursuit

    Water treatment, water reuse technology and complete sets of equipment in domestic sewage

    Time: 2019-07-08

    As we all know, water shortages have become a worldwide problem. China is also facing the reality of water shortages. At present, China's per capita annual water resources are 2,700 m3, which is only 1/4 of the world average. China's urban water shortage is even more serious. 180 out of more than 300 large and medium-sized cities lack water, and more than 50 of them are seriously short of water. Taking Beijing as an example, the per capita possession of water resources in the city is only 1/6 of the national per capita possession, while its annual water consumption has reached 4.2 billion m3, and the annual water shortage is about 7-1 billion m3. Due to the shortage of water resources, the urban water supply price has continued to rise in recent years. After proper treatment, the community sewage has good social and economic benefits for community greening, toilet flushing, car washing and cleaning.

    Zhongshui is the secondary use of wastewater. It is the reclaimed water that has reached the national water quality standard after the treatment of urban sewage. Because its water quality index is lower than the water quality standard of drinking water, it is higher than the water quality standard of the permitted sewage. In between, so called "China Water."

    Business model The main business areas of wastewater treatment include: engineering project contracting, process design, engineering construction, equipment installation and commissioning; also includes design of wastewater treatment systems and sales of equipment. Provide professional, comprehensive and centralized services for wastewater treatment for all types of user groups.


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